Thursday, July 10, 2008

Preparing My Headshots

I'm definitely into the new Simon project Treme. It's a fun thing to be excited about. I was all for it back in September when I was writing scathing reviews of K-Ville, which SUCKED.

Everything D. Simon has had a hand in has been excellent.

As a kid, I watched Homicide: Life on the Streets with my dad every week.

The Corner was the best thing I'd ever seen on television. And the book on which it was based, which I still own, was a MAJOR influence on my decision to abandon my dreams of being the GM of the Philadelphia Phillies to major in sociology and dedicate myself to the urban community.


alli said...

Can I borrow your copy? Actually, can we meet in real life and be friends? We have a ton in common. Yeah, consider this a proposition. I'm ok with it.

E said...

Of course! Email me at eli dot ackerman at gmail dot com