Monday, July 21, 2008

Goodbye Netroots 08

First and foremost, I had so much fun at this event.

Being around so many brilliant minds, shaking hands with so many people for whom I have so much respect, going to open bars - what more could you want, personally speaking?

It was inspiring to be a part of. This group of people and the wider online community that could not attend is almost entirely responsible for everything positive that has occurred in our national political discourse since 2004. Thinking back upon all the landmark progressive movements of the last century - and being grouped into that legacy - was overwhelming and filled me with such pride and joy and hope.

And that it wasn't the open bars that got me feeling that way.

It was the fact that it's so true. The Democratic party relies on us and fears us. The Republican party is scrambling to even find out where we hide.

It's an exciting time to be a young man in America.

I'm trying to find archive footage of our panel and will post it with some other thoughts later today but I just wanted to post right now.

I also want to again thank Alan for allowing me to go in his place. Getting to go to this thing meant a lot for me and there were lots of cute girls there that I otherwise would never have had a chance to talk to.

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