Monday, July 21, 2008

Me On TV

Here's a video hosted by hilarious comedienne Katie Halper.
Watch out for the handsome man refusing to acknowledge he's white.

Later on, I got to do some beer consuming with Katie Halper, the host of Saturday night's keynote and she's awesome.

Appearing with me and my misspelled last name is Baratunde Thurston, aka Jack Turner of Jack and Jill Politics who is also very funny and a pleasure to drink beers with. Baratunde explained as the host of Friday night's keynote, Baratunde is an old Nigerian name that means 'he with no nickname' and Thurston is a British name for 'he who his owned by Massa Thurston.'

I'm still looking to see where our NOLA panel's footage is archived.


Karen said...

Did you ask her out?

E said...

Should I have?

For networking purposes...