Saturday, July 19, 2008

F#ck It, We'll Do It Live

Be comforted that video of the Bill O'Reilly freakout streams on loop all over this conference.

Meanwhile, you can watch the New Orleans panel at Netroots Nation LIVE!

Our panel starts at 3 PM Central Time.

Karen Gadbois, John Barry, Marshall Truehill, and Al Giordano!


oyster said...

Great panel! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sophmom said...

Late to the party, I'm looking on YouTube but can't find. :/

Also insanely jealous. I promised myself last year that I'd go this year and here I sit in Atlanta.

Thanks to you and Karen. Expecting full report.

alli said...

You had a cameo! Neat!

Add me to the list of jealous people who wanted to attend but couldn't cough up the conference fee..

Karen said...

I bet by now Eli is sleeping soundly after his marathon of networking and err drinking.