Tuesday, July 22, 2008


CNN is reporting that McCain surrogate Rep. Heather Wilson of New Mexico has determined Senator Obama to be "frighteningly inexperienced" on foreign policy.

That's an interesting linguistic decision.

On the plane home from Austin I sat next to a very pleasant woman from Baton Rouge. She, after I told her what I had been doing in Austin, asked me "are you supporting Obama?"

I said "absolutely yes."

She "never ever could because he frightens the bejesus out of me."

I civilly scratched the surface for five to ten minutes. She hates handouts and used that term consistently, remarking that people from New Orleans expect too much from government. Of course, I reminded her what we've tended to receive in response to our "expectations."

As I grew upset with her increasingly evident racial bias, which I'm not going to quote, I pivoted the conversation away from politics to her family life.

She lives in a gated country club community in Baton Rouge.

So much for stereotypes.


Leigh C. said...

Don't these people know that stereotypes are meant to be busted????

Charlotte said...

Don't sweat it. We'll never change the minds of people like that. We should focus our energies elsewhere. (Says the only non-repub in her or her husbands family) :)

LatinTeacher said...

My mother thinks the same thing. I don't know when she became like that. She even believes he is Muslim and is out to destroy these United States by getting elected. 'cept she lives in Metairie.