Monday, July 21, 2008

Handicapping the LA 02

Jeez guys, what are we going to do with this one?

I will tell you that the buzz at Netroots about this race was, 'jeez, what are you going to do about this one?'

What do y'all think?

Right now, I'm not liking anyone a whole helluva lot.

The most obvious cuts from my list are: Bill Jefferson.

Beyond that, there's Byron Lee, Helena Moreno, Troy Carter, Malik Rahim, James Carter, and Cedric Richmond.

I respect Mr. Richmond's work on the Angola 3 but still have many many concerns.

What are we going to do?


oyster said...

I guess we would have to hold our noses and select James Carter or Cedric Richmond.

I don't think Troy Carter would be able to make the runoff, but he might be the best person to support in the primaries.

E said...

For me it's down to those two as well. Certainly there must be divergent opinions out there. What makes Troy the best person? And why wouldn't he make the runoff? If he worth MAKING make the runoff?

I think not, but what do you think?

Civitch said...

Aside from Dollar Bill, Troy Carter is the WORST person! He was the most openly corrupt person on the council during his tenure and steered bunches of money to himself and his cronies. He cannot be trusted under any circumstances.

alli said...

Malik is running? HAHAHA

Seriously though, I would say that no one could be worse than Dolla Bill, but given the bottomless pit of stupid that hails from these here parts, it might not be true.

Although I do think that Richmond would be better.

bayoustjohndavid said...

I didn't pay attention to Troy Carter when he was in office, but I've heard other people, including Adrastos, say the same thing as Civitch. I guess it's a lesser of two evils choice between James Carter and Richmond. Carter's a smarter Nagin, i.e. a faux reformer, Richmond's shilled for Jimmie Woods at least twice.

I honestly don't if I'd have been so quick to get down on Carter if he had bothered to answer an email about a subject that had me angry enough to consider moving, but I think I would have. Reforming other people's houses while zealously (jealously?) guarding your own prerogatives doesn't cut it for me.

jeffrey said...

What are we going to do? We are going to enjoy the show once more.

I'm intrigued by Dollar Bill's staying power and am curious to see how the new dynamics of the closed primary and his (now even more) weakened machine affect him.

Regardless of what happens, this is going to be one of the fun ones to watch. Already we have learned that Kenya Smith is "outraged" at "citizen complacency" That's a hard opening act to follow right there.

alli said...

Incidentally, today I received an email from Rita Benson LeBlanc asking me to contribute the legal max to Helena Moreno's campaign. Interesting!

E said...

Yes... her campaign IS off to an INTERRRRESTING start...