Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Rumor has it the Mayor is throwing a press conference in the next hour or so to address the home remediation program / money laundering scheme administered by NOAH, a city agency and nonprofit.

Will he use the opportunity to announce an end to the agency and sweeping investigations of NOAH employee and contractor conduct?

Or will he simply claim that the records upon which recent reports have been based are "old" or "inaccurate" or "incomplete?"

My money is on the latter option. But who knows? He might even cold cock poor Lee Zurik.

Maybe the Mayor just surrounds himself with the grateful recipients (a.k.a. victims) of NOAH services and calls everyone a racist...


The Mayor has determined the best course of action for his administration is to allege biased and inaccurate reporting on the part of Lee Zurik and WWL.

The Mayor has apparently produced an "updated" list of properties and seems to believe that his administration possesses enough credibility to have that play.

Listen, this story isn't over and I know that Mr. Zurik's report was spot on.

I'll tell you right now that the NOAH-gate will continue to embarrass the Nagin administration. If he had any brains he'd simply squash the agency and hold people accountable. There is money laundering occurring right under his nose and the best he can do is trump up some crap "updated" document.

This story goes well beyond the database of properties so his new list will do NOTHING to slow down investigators.


jeffrey said...

No I think this will be one of those "Nothing to worry about. We are taking action" moments. I don't expect too much in the way of sour grapes here... unless the mayor goes off-script which... um has been known to happen.

jeffrey said...

Whoops! Nevermind here's WWl

Mayor Ray Nagin is calling a report by WWL-TV on city remediation of properties 'biased and inaccurate.' Watch a Live Report at 6 p.m.

Now it's fun.

E said...

Biased and inaccurate?

The ball is in the Mayor's court... I'm waiting for my records requests to be honored.

Civitch said...

Ray Ray has been in office for six years now. The time during which he could have claimed ignorance is over. He is directly responsible for this mess and that's why you're seeing this proactive defense.

There have been numerous allegations against his administration for corruption, or the whiff thereof, and when has he called a press conference? NEVER. This is a clear indication that we are finally on to something big. Don't let it go.

E said...

We'll need everyone's help.

Leigh C. said...

Awwww, y'all made the Walking Id look bad in front of Mama Pelosi. He's only hurting himself, though...