Monday, June 02, 2008

The Truth About the RSD

In a fine, fine article written for the New York Times (student journalism institute) !!!!

Many believe charter schools can only have a small impact on the overall problems in New Orleans and the Recovery District remains the key to any turnaround.

“For those folks that have been long-time educators in the system we just laughed when the state said, ‘we can do it better,’ said Tracy Washington, a civil rights lawyer, referring to the 2003 creation of the Recovery School District.. “The state doesn’t educate students. That’s left to local boards.”

Some parents criticized Vallas for what they said is a lack of information for the community. At public meetings about a master plan for the district, parents were given questionnaires with only multiple choice answers allowed.

Daliet said passing out a handout is not enough to fully engage the community. “Yes or no isn’t going to give you what I need to tell you. The questions are irrelevant,” Daliet said. She added that it was misleading to think that the community could be engaged just by putting people in one room.


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