Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The City of Last Resort

A vacation destination, a FEMA paradise.

Although FEMA Director David Paulison has said that he didn't want to use trailers again after complaints of health problems linked to high formaldehyde levels in some trailers, the agency says it might not have any choice.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Deputy FEMA Administrator Harvey Johnson said that for a disaster approaching the size of Hurricane Katrina, the agency would probably have to use all options, including trailers.

For months, Senator Landrieu and others in Congress have been grilling FEMA officials at various hearings. A new disaster housing plan was to be submitted by FEMA brass over one year ago. They did not deliver at the original deadline. They have not delivered today.

Instead, FEMA's trailer policy remains maliciously confused.

It is not enough that they denied the existence of widespread formaldehyde contamination.

It is not enough that they sold poison trailers to Katrina victims and then spent the money in violation of agency rules.

It is not enough that after they admitted trailer contamination and reexamined their trailer sale program, they began selling poison trailers again.


So formaldehyde contaminated trailers will remain the emergency housing option of last resort.

Last resort.


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