Friday, May 30, 2008

Laura Bush Visits the Ogden: Did She Appreciate the Art?

This morning Laura Bush gave a speech at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. She is in town to address a conference held by the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. She will be advising "church-based non profits" in their efforts to "partner with the federal government."

I happened to go to the Ogden Museum yesterday. There were people in suits all over the place. There was a team of laborers sprucing up the landscaping outside under the supervision of some lady in a pants suit. The whole scene was uncomfortable - and that was before I learned of the First Lady's visit.

I understand wanting everything to look nice for a prestigious visitor but there's something disconcerting about it when you consider that public officials. especially the President and his family, always get this coddled arrangement. Think about all the money and thought and effort that goes into each and every visit to a school or a library or a museum - all to insulate and comfort and impress. I wonder how many thousands of dollars go into each photo opportunity.

Anyways, there is a painting currently on the wall of the Ogden, I believe on the 4th floor, by the artist David Bates. It is called the Storm. I would like to know what Laura Bush thought of it.

The painting at the Ogden is part of a larger storm series by Bates.

It was shown in Dallas recently. Maybe Mrs. Bush caught it there. What does she make of it?

Check it out.

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