Friday, May 30, 2008

Thriller Movie Script or Legit Allegations: This is Why You Keep Documents


In a sensational legal filing, a former partner at Adams and Reese who is awaiting trial on charges that he stole $30 million from the firm claims that the firm has had a hand in scandals ranging from the WorldCom stock fraud to the abuse of Louisiana film tax credits.

The lawsuit also claims the New Orleans firm has made a practice of hiring former public officials, including former Jefferson Parish President Tim Coulon and former New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial, and improperly using them to land clients with whom they had dealt as public officials. Coulon and Morial deny the claim.

The 73-page civil racketeering lawsuit reads more like a legal thriller than a court filing. It portrays accused thief Jamie Perdigao as a hard worker who was trying to stay within ethical boundaries while senior members of the firm pressured him into bending the rules to make money.

The suit does not make clear whether Perdigao has evidence to support his allegations.


Perdigao claimed he provided a series of explosive leads to U.S. Attorney Jim Letten's office that were not pursued because the leads implicated certain prosecutors and shed unflattering light on the conviction of former Gov. Edwin Edwards.

Sure hope Perdiagao has evidence because this other indictment charging that he stole $30 million from the same firm he's accusing might lead people to believe that he's "disgruntled."

What is with Edwin Edwards? Is there something "unflattering" about his conviction? Is he the highlander?


jeffrey said...

Lots of folks believe that the EWE prosecutions were largely political in nature and that the conviction was every bit the result of a bargain as corrupt as the malfeasance he was accused of. There is probably some truth to that. It will be interesting to see some of that truth come to light.

If not... I suppose Perdigao's team can recoup some of their legal expenses by selling the movie rights.

E said...

Maybe not the full $30 million he might need to repay the debt he owes to the firm... for that amount he'll need to write in a prostitution scandal.

jeffrey said...

Oh that can be done.

Barbara Ann Jackson said...

subject: Obama election and future of New Orleans U.S. Atty Jim Letten; Judicial Corruption

Good thing for Louisiana citizens that Letten did not obtain the judge’s okay to seal the record. Also, Letten’s office responded to the media about Perdigao’s motion with Letten’s customary obfuscation (when Letten is not in the witch hunting spotlight putting a new notch on his belt), by answering: “We're no strangers to these types of claims."

Several articles, including a November 12th article by T/P writer, James Gill praise U.S. Attorney Jim Letten. The articles also reverberate dismay about the loss it would be toward targeting longstanding New Orleans corruption if President-Elect Barack Obama replaced Letten in keeping with his new presidential administration. I disagree.

Letten’s employment with the Justice Department appears to encompass the Louisiana region, although he is involved with other States -like a Texas case wherein a judge’s Opinion included details of aberrant actions by Letten. But, there are more than enough glaringly questionable things Letten does in New Orleans. (See the Opinion starting from pages 29 through 41 at )

Ostensibly, Letten covered up federal Judge Thomas Porteous’ acts pertaining to the “Operation Wrinkled Robe” scandal of which Porteous’ 2 fellow judges, sheriffs and various other people went to jail. Moreover, I don’t doubt that the Intelligence on Porteous’ function with wrinkled robes was “doctored” prior to being turned over to Washington, and thus hindered Porteous’ indictment. But Letten’s office conceals VARIOUS OTHERS who are abusing their positions (see proof at: in New Orleans courts!! Also, though it is undeniable that lawyers gave bribes to Porteous, the lawyers’ identities not only were concealed, no disciplinary actions were taken. Currently, if Congress agrees, Porteous will make national history by being the first federal judge to be impeached in almost 2 decades. Similarly, Letten perhaps has the devotion (and whatever else) of U.S. Senator David Vitter and “Johns’ named in the Canal Street Brothel book after the raid, because of never being exposed nor subject to local or federal prosecution.

There is no delight in spotlighting someone’s faults, as all humans are fallible. But it is another matter when public harm looms. Comparatively, there was public outrage and demand for the resignation of Letten’s former boss, former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales! It infuriates me if Mr. Letten, (Mr. Vitter -and ANY other cloaked public official) receives accolades while clandestinely involved in deception -in like manner as guzzling, well respected Wall Street tycoons. (I once supported Letten as well as Porteous. Further, the facts and evidence prove that of all the acts of public corruption, nothing is more far-reaching and socially lethal as judicial corruption.)

Letten’s tactics and potency against the average citizen easily could be as constricted, invasive, subjugating, and baseless as that time when the door of Jacques Morial, brother of Marc Morial (of the National Urban League and former mayor of New Orleans), was busted down; and the Feds maintained control of that man’s life and privacy for 3 years, but criminal charges were never lodged against Jacques. Letten (or his kind) could pretextly do the same to any other citizen, as Gonzales’ method of illegal wiretaps is likely also Letten’s method, but postulated as derived from snitches for use as leverage over people to get them to say / do what benefits rich and powerful corrupt Louisianians. Thus, I am mildly concerned that New Orleans could become a city under siege if Jim Letten becomes able to obtain and manage information collected by New Orleans’ Inspector General Robert Cerasoli.
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Barbara Ann Jackson