Saturday, March 29, 2008

Quote in Context

If you read the AP's report on the ridiculous FEMA trailer deadline being floated, you get to see a little bit more context for Stacy Head's disgusting assertion that trailer residents are making a lifestyle choice:

"At what point are we going to say that in New Orleans it's not OK to live in a trailer as a lifestyle choice?" she asked. "There are many, many trailers in the non-flooded areas (where) people just would rather live there than deal with a house that they didn't put any money into for a long time before that."

Are there many, many trailers in non-flooded areas where people would just rather live than deal with a house?

Does she really think people are finding the formaldehyde exposure risks in a flimsy one-room to be preferable to a proper home?

Is she implying that poor people in her district are sitting pretty in FEMA trailers? Is she implying that her high ground constituents in FEMA trailers got a housing upgrade as a result of the storm?

Extremely out of touch, mean-spirited, ugly.

Thus, any clarification where she attempts to argue that she was only referring to "the lifestyle choices" of those renting trailers illegally would be inaccurate.

She really needs to address her comments.


oyster said...

That's a huge service. Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

GentillyGirl said...

Personally, I want Stacey's head for these meanspirited remarks.

I have no, absolutely no respect for this "person".

BTW- Blakeley must go too.