Monday, March 31, 2008

He Must Have Been Doing A Heckuva Job but Missed His Family Too Much

Because that's what Bush administration officials are known for when they resign.

This week's player is Alfonso Jackson.

I don't have the energy to go through and tell you all the lobster tanks he's reached his tentacles into. All you have to do is google the man's name and you can read all day long.

Or check out First Draft's rundown.

A few things:

First, embarrassing disclosures regarding Alfonso Jackson's pathetic reign at HUD will likely continue in newspapers and history books for years.

Second, our elected officials knew very well the type of guy they were dealing with when they allowed Alfonso Jackson to direct the demolition of our public housing. It wasn't as if the allegations hadn't surfaced well in advance of that debate. It's too bad that they shrugged off the reality that HANO/HUD possessed no credibility. Instead of banishing him from the city, as I would have done, they allowed him to testify as a learned expert. Instead of allowing a true public debate in which the increasingly obvious and verifiable suspicions regarding the demolition plan could have been discussed in a civilized manner, City Council decided to stack chambers with their own staff, invoke a rarely used fire code, and lock the gates outside of City Hall to silence those wanting to air their concerns about the plan.

Our local officials do a heckuva job too. Maybe they also have families they'd like to spend time with.

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