Thursday, January 17, 2008

Obama nets endorsements

Now that he's got a shot of winning, I guess. Patrick Leahy is a man I respect more than most.

He's in Batman. And he still has been one of the most vicious and competent opponents of the Bush regime.

When does Al Gore decide? After South Carolina?

Does Mr. Gore not play those games anymore now that he's become some sort of cult figure?

I'm starting to think he'll stay all the way out of the nomination fight. I would if I were him.
Even though I'd like to see him help out Obama.

People I meet continue to make the argument to me that the strongest Democratic ticket would be Obama and Edwards. Sentimentally, I want to agree but I'm just too skeptical. I think it would depend on who the Republican is.

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jeffrey said...

I vote "other" and suggest Deepak Chopra.

E said...

if it can't be pronounced it can't be elected

E said...

i like deepak though