Thursday, January 17, 2008

I hope he can be defeated this time

Has anyone indicated interest in William Jefferson Jefferson's congressional seat?

He's on trial, you know.

Before searching his home in 2005, FBI agents showed Jefferson a DVD recording of him taking the money in a northern Virginia parking garage a few days earlier. After viewing it, the agents testified, Jefferson slumped onto the couch and said, "What a waste." That comment is among those that his defense team is seeking to have excluded at the trial when it begins Feb. 25.

I'd like to see him trying his hand at "spending more time with his family" or "consulting." I think he'd be great at those jobs.

Who would you like to see representing New Orleans?

Derrick Shepherd
, anyone?

I think we need a firebrand that yells and screams and refuses to compromise but then will compromise anyway at the last second to get us sweet earmarks.

Anyone up for starting a defense contracting company?

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