Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I don't know anything about this race. I know that Michigan's economy has been in the toilet for like 30 years or something.

Romney: 30%
McCain: 28%
Huckabee: 26%



He's the new come back kid! He's going to bring REAL change to America!

Just watch his victory speech.

"Guess what they're doing in Washington. They're worrying, because they realize, the lobbyists and the politicians realize, that America now understands that Washington is broken. And we're going to do something about it."

He's amazing. I'm speechless. What a slime ball.

Mitt Romney, change candidate.

You know what part of that speech I found most revealing about Mitt?

It's here in the transcript:

ROMNEY: You guys, it was not very far from right here that Ann and I and our family behind us began our campaign at the Henry Ford Museum of Innovation...

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Mitt, we love you!

ROMNEY: Wow, that's powerful. I'll tell you.

Oh, to be famous...

Us commoners can only try to reach a high like that with our pathetic little street drugs...

I think Mitthew might have an addiction problem, though.


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