Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's Just So Frustrating

Barack Obama is going to be President I still think. This whole process is so ridiculous.

Brokaw on MSNBC was in the middle of destroying Chris Mathews about the way the way this campaign has unfolded in the media when he was interrupted by Senator Clinton's victory speech. I'd like to find video of that somewhere for you.

I'll talk about these results more after I've had time to think about it.

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Huck said...

I missed Clinton's victory speech, too. I'd love to see it in order to compare it to Obama's "concession" speech, which I did catch and which was magnificent. I can't imagine Hillary in victory even coming close to performing on the podium as well as Obama in defeat. There was not a shred of recrimination or even disappointment in Obama's speech. It was so uplifting that I found myself even feeling actually somewhat good about Hillary's victory, if you can believe it. Now how wierd is that!?!