Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Register to Vote NOW

TOMORROW, the 9th of January is the deadline to register to vote in the presidential primary upcoming on February 9th.

It may not be as irrelevant to vote in this baby compared to years past if the field is still jumbled after the February 5th SuperDuper primary.

So if you care about the Democratic Party's nominee - register to vote!
Also there will be some other lesser offices on that ballot that may not be as unimportant as you might think. Please go register to vote.

You could register as a Republican too, I guess. What for though?

You have to get your registration form in the mail tomorrow before it gets collected. Just download the forms, print them out, and mail them. Just do it. It'll take 5 minutes.

For Orleans Parish, mail yo ish to:

1300 Perdido St. #1W23
New Orleans, LA 70112

Download your forms here!

Do it!


Beka said...

Thanks for the registration form site.
I completely forgot about it till I read this.

E said...

i think 20 text messages and this blog post got at least 4 of my friends to register to vote. that's pretty cool. i didn't know it was that easy.