Thursday, November 15, 2007

Senate 5 Makes The Paper

Scooping Oyster and Celcus without so much as a tip of the hat, the Times-Pic has reported on the backdoor David Williams et Jefferson-Bullshit alliance and the controversial mailer that the Williams camp sent out last week.

Williams said the mailer was not intended as an endorsement of Jefferson-Bullock, but it happens to cite the same two bills that were listed in an earlier mail piece paid for by someone with apparent ties to the Jefferson camp.

Trouble is, both fliers incorrectly match the bill numbers with the language they quote as examples of why, according to the authors, Gray is fighting for the "rights of criminals" rather than the general public.

Indeed, the mailers make the exact same mistake.

In one case, the mailers point to House Bill 1146 from the 2006 regular session, which according to the state Legislature's Web site corresponds with a measure amending the definition of "bird." The other measure listed, House Bill 1142 from the 2007 regular session, matches no bill at all.


Williams had been trying to paint Cheryl Gray as "soft on crime." (that's the opposite of "tough on crime." I extend my copyright of that phrase to "soft on crime")

Why is Rep. Gray "soft on crime?" Well, it is because she, according to Williams, fights for the rights of criminals. The bills he improperly cited were in fact Gray initiatives that would have abolished the death penalty for certain youth offenders and offering better chance of parole to youth convicts once they reach 30something. To quote oyster: "OH NO!"

Are we progressive in this city? Or do we cave to racially-loaded, fear-based, and reactionary I'm-tougher-than-you-on-crime attack-speech? This is language for Nixon, Reagan, and the authoritarian mayoral reigns of twenty and thirty years ago. We must not let this continue in 21st century New Orleans.

For those of you that are not convinced that attacks lacking any substance on a candidate's "toughness" on crime are inherently racially loaded, as I do, then I also point you to another phrase used by Mr. Williams in his flier. From Oyster's piece:

"She doesn't care if the election was illegal. She just wants to win. Or maybe she just cares about fair elections for some people, but not for people like you and me."

Very telling indeed.

Yet the proof might be in the pudding here.

I live in District 5, in a chocolateyer area of the Irish Channel and did not receive the mailing. The article made no mention of the specific areas that received the Williams piece. I strongly suspect that the flier did not quite make it to my neck of the woods on purpose. For those of you in District 5, please please please tell us in the comments section whether or not you received the flier and maybe your intersection... Shall we see for sure who Mr. Williams/his new Jefferson-Bullshit overlords intended the mailing to reach?

Oyster or Celcus, I know y'all are in D-5. Would either of you be willing to allow me to swing by to pick up your copy of the flier to take a look for myself?

I went by the Cheryl Gray for State Senate office yesterday at 4219 S. Claiborne Ave. They'll give you a big-ass sign to put in front of your house. They can also sign you up for election-day volunteer activities.

Or you can volunteer by going here.
Or contribute cash by going here.

Or don't do either of those things and just knock on your neighbors' doors and talk to them heart-to-heart...

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oyster said...

Yeah, I got the flier and can meet you somewhere to show it to you.

oystersliq at gmail dot com