Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Insurgencies Amok!

From the most trusted name in news. Believe it.

This was the stop story on their website at 12:00 AM Central Time.

Do YOU want municipal police being armed with assault rifles?

Is it just because the Brady Bill expired and criminals have more and better guns?

Is this want we want in our urban landscape? Is this what we want in our communities?

John Timoney, Miami's police chief and recent military assault rifle acquire-er, used to be head of Philly police in the late '90s. Crime stats went down and he was pretty popular. He worked with then-Mayor Ed Rendell who was fairly popular and went on to chair the DNC and become our two-term Gov. (He does annoying stuff now, like put casinos in my old neighborhood.) They "got tough" on crime - I own a copyright on that - and put more cops on the streets.

Rendell brought him over directly from Future President Hizzoner.


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