Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Another Well-Timed Resignation

It has been announced that R. Glenn Hubbard has resigned from his post as chair of Bush's Council of Economic Advisers.

This man was a chief architect of the TV show Tax Cuts for the Rich and Famous.

Unsurprisingly, he steals one of my lines by saying, "Family needs are my most significant concerns." Hmm.

I'll even buy that this Hubbard character was planning to leave the show well before the third season started shooting; the NYT article indicates that this had been in the script for some time.

But I will say that the timing is nonetheless suspicious given that according to the current WCBF poll, people are pessimistic about the direction of the economy. (See also: most polls everywhere)

Let me now craft a mental picture for you for fun:

Remember that television cartoon "Ducktales" from fifteen or twenty years ago? Uncle Scrooge Duck or whatever his name was, in the opening credits, was shown diving into a swimming pool of gold coins. Here's a video, the pool of gold coins is about 20 seconds in:

Okay. Now imagine a Wealthy Jackass Hypocrite Republican pool party with cocktails and well, given the amount of homosex going on around Washington, cocks. Sort of like a combination of the pool of gold coins and the Schmidt's Gay commercial from Saturday Night Live:

Now that's what I call Federal Reserve! Also watch out for Federal Reserve 2: Minority Hiring and Federal Reserve 3: Bulls and Bears

Guys, isn't it messed up to think about that?

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