Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Walker, District 95 Man-Child Ranger

This is all a bunch of stuff I found on Facebook about Walker Hines. Maybe he won't be so bad.

Here are some interesting things from a Facebook Group Called "Future Members of Walker Hines' Political Campaign:"

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I was turned on to this facebook group from a friend of a friend. Let's just call this person "Trent Lott" to protect identities. Anyways, "Trent Lott" sent me an email that said this (in reference to the cheesy facebook group Walker started):

This used to have a 35-page step-by-step plan for Walker's political future. (Today, the 95th district; tomorrow, the United States; the next day, the world!) Now it's just some bullshit about his state rep campaign. At least it still has the douchebaggy group name and officer title "Future Political Candidate."

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This is a closed group. Members must be invited or approved by an admin.

The above picture was taken from another facebook group called "Walker Hines for State Representative." It has about 450 members.

One commenter on that facebook group site said something funny which I think I'm going to share now:

I wonder if Walker Hines can do a good impersonation of Andy Richter....

If so, I'm voting for him.

I don't know why I'm posting this. I think I promised dirty links or something over the weekend. Walker Hines' smile makes me feel pretty dirty.


Leigh C. said...

Andy Richter? Or Chris Farley?

the junior senator from mississippi said...

i'm really sorry i couldn't dig up the old shit. it was priceless. i don't care if you know walker, live in district 95 or have even the slightest interest in new orleans politics or politics at all for that matter. this shit was LOL, ROTFL, (insert AIM-slang acronym here) funny. it was actually pretty impressive that he'd staked out policy positions on everything from abortions in each trimester to the earned income tax credit. in any case, start collecting dirty mardi gras photos now. mr. hines has eyes for 1600 pennsylvania.

E said...

i don't trust that haircut. how could anyone trust that haircut?

if he's going anywhere near washington he's going to need a new salon, a new wardrobe...

did anyone say SHOPPING SPREE?