Monday, November 26, 2007

Farewell Trent Lott

Senator Trent Lott is being sent off to spend more time with his family.*

*WeCouldBeFamous hereby owns the rights to the phrase "spending more time with family" and other similar incantations of that phrase as rational for a suspiciously-timed retirement or resignation from political office.

He was Majority Leader in the Senate for a long long time, he was known as a deal-maker.

In 2002, at the height of Bush's 9-11 related stardom, Mr. Lott said something racist and was urged to step down by his fellow Republicans.

The majority leader elevated after Lott stepped down was Dr. William Jefferson Frist. He was the guy that said that vegetable lady was a fruit and couldn't get married. Something like that. Either way, the leadership change meant that the Republicans would be making no more deals in the Senate.

But after the 2006 midterm elections, a disaster for Republicans, and a repudiation of the Bush administration, Senator Lott regained his leadership position:

His victory over Alexander showcases Lott's lobbying and vote-counting skills. Both men spent the night before intensely lobbying colleagues on the Senate floor -- with Lott, also a former whip, casting himself as the candidate more adept at dealmaking and Alexander pledging to be a morale-booster to a caucus still smarting over the midterm elections.

As recently as Tuesday night, Alexander's office predicted he had the support of as many as 30 Republicans senators. But Lott peeled off Alexander's supporters in part by arguing that in a Senate split by one vote, dealmaking expertise could mean the difference between Republicans passing legislation to tout in the next campaign in 2008 or risk being branded as do-nothing lawmakers.

I think it is interesting that Michelle Malkin and her conservative critter club don't like the guy. She puts it as a thirteen-year-old girl with a bonus minutes on her cell might:

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. We start off our Monday morning with a nice, big DLTDHYOTWO. The Politico reports that Trent (Vacant) Lott–you know, the goat-talking, anti-porkbusting Republican leader who thinks conservative talk radio is a “problem” –is going to resign by year’s end.

See ya. Buh-bye. DLTDHYOTWO (Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out)!


Lott's resignation comes as a big surprise to his Republican colleagues, according to the WaPo:

...Lott's move shocked Republicans on Capitol Hill, who have seen a wave of veterans announce their decision to retire next year as the GOP looks increasingly certain to remain in the minority.

But Lott is the most senior Republican to announce he is leaving office, and his decision comes barely a year after he won re-election to a six-year term.

Lott's departure is equally stunning because, after cruising to his re-election last year, he completed a political rehabilitation from allegations of racial insensitivity...

Yes, this does seem like a very interesting choice.

Were sexual or criminal allegations upcoming? We can only dream. Trent Lott has one of the better hairpieces in the Senate.

I hereby open up the comments section to unsubstantiated reports of Trent Lott's wild, deviant, and unnatural bedroom foibles.


E said...

I'll start with this AP report that will most definitely surface in the next week or two:

Horse Semen, Condom Found in Senator Lott's Dead Clone Baby

TexasFred said...

You DO realize that Malkin is an idiot?? Right??

E said...

i would hope i've already said as much elsewhere on this blog. the fact remains that she is an agenda-setter for the idiot-right so her words carry weight, unfortunately. she's got gigs on radio, fills in for william jefferson o'reilly on the televisoin.... she's got a soap box much taller than mine