Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Our Mayor C. Ray Nagin said that the recovery of New Orleans would be driven by the market. Fantastic. Thanks.

...Clenching fists.....gritting teeth......moving on....

Is this what the marketplace demands? h/t Karen - she's all over the internets, she's famouser than me - for now

That's a fucking parking lot.
Between Carrollton Avenue and Dublin St near a playground.

Excuse my language, it's actually a fucking strip mall.

This is the profit-maximizing use for the space? Really?

I would love to know more about the developer.
Which campaigns has he or she given to this season?

How bout y'all develop us a hospital or some levees or some houses or something? I'll compromise and let you provide parking there.

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Karen said...

Why bother with a building, just throw some Dollar General Shipping Containers from China in the middle of the lot.

Thnaks for your outrage..we need more.