Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stephen Colbert Announces His Candidacy


Stephen Colbert has decided to run in South Carolina's primary. He'll be running in the Democratic and Republican contests and could be extremely "disruptive" in both.

The mainstream media will have fun making a joke of all this. Here's USA Today's take. Editor and Publisher. Yahoo News. The New York Times. CNN. They will report his jokes and give cursory analysis of the role of comedy in society and politics. They will talk about his character, his spoof of the right-wing pundit, his self-aggrandizing cockiness. Sometimes he'll be in the arts and entertainment section, sometimes he'll make it into campaign coverage.

But the jokes on them.

Stephen Colbert is going to keep this serious. No, he won't be our next President. But, he will make a fool out the media and the ridiculousness of the current trends in our electoral system and the way the media covers it.

Howard Kurtz devoted a column to him today. Larry King interviewed him at length. Maureen Dowd gave him her column. He has a new book out.

Every time the man scores an interview with a presidential candidate that wants to appear "hip" and "youthy;" every time the man is interviewed himself by a mainstream news source; every time he has the opportunity to put his "brand" out there; he'll be winning the race.

He doesn't need to be substantive or rational. None of the other candidates seem overly concerned with taking up that mantle either. No gaffe-worthy comment will come back to haunt him. This is just a fame contest.

There is an "I" in America. Or as Stephen Colbert might say, "I am America."

Show us the poll numbers CNN. Who's winning? Who's winning? Who's winning?
We are not. I am.

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