Monday, October 08, 2007

Chris Rose Still Fluffing K-Ville

For some reason T-P columnist Chris Rose is still finding ways to put a positive spin on the floundering K-Ville, whose national Nielson ratings have declined for the third straight week. In his Sunday column, Rose writes of a group of friends that now hold 'gumbo parties' for every episode after the show's writers invented the tradition out of thin air.

From the column's description, the gumbo party actually does sound like a lot of fun. Each attendee picks up a different stock New Orleans image. Whoever picks that which is exploited or exaggerated for sensational fictional purposes first is the winner! Sounds similar to the drinking game proposed at the bar where I took in the pilot episode. A shot for every gunshot? A shot for every car chase? Anyways, what they're doing at the gumbo party is making hand grenades out of rubbing alcohol. They're getting drunk and eating yummy food while commiserating with neighbors about the horrible plot, crappy dialog, and overall misrepresentations of our struggling city.

Rose's own description of the party lend to this interpretation:

As the show progressed last Monday night, the assembled crowd of about a dozen moaned, groaned and hooted their way through the plot which -- as TV columnist Dave Walker has dutifully noted about all three episodes -- was as convoluted and murky as, well . . . as murky gumbo.

"I'm not exactly sure what the plot is here," Tom Dyer said. "But I think that Fidel Castro doesn't want people returning to Eastover so he hired a prostitute to kill a congressman."

As we watched New Orleans public officials, Latin gangsters and upscale madams trade accusations and gunshots on screen, Dyer continued, "You just have to let it roll over you. It doesn't make a lick of sense, but it's a beautiful thing. I love this show. And I love this party."

I'm sure Mr. Dyer does love his gumbo parties and watching the show with friends. Sometimes friends and I will flip over to Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly for a laugh or two. It doesn't really sound as though Mr. Dyer believes it is a good show. But Rose's tone throughout the article might suggest otherwise:

Of those who watch "K-Ville," there are also two distinct categories: those who view it with passing interest and discuss it at work the next morning. And those who have embraced it as part of their lifestyle, something more -- much more -- than just passive entertainment.

I think what they have "embraced" at the gumbo party is that the show is an awful disservice to this city's realities - and they're going to find a way to have fun with it.

Chris Rose, for his part, has indeed come a long way from his first thoughts on the show. He's nearly fully recovered from the rare but potentially fatal 'emotional core shaking' that often leaves its victims unable to work.

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