Monday, September 24, 2007

Chris Rose's Emotional Core Untouched

Last week, after the first episode of Fox's New Orleans-based K-Ville aired, Times-Picayune columnist Chris Rose wrote a glowing review. In an article entitled "K-Ville Gets It," Rose writes:

"It provoked me, and truthfully, very few shows can do that. Largely, I am an elitist who thinks TV is mostly stupid and lacks the ability to reach the emotional core. "K-Ville" reached mine."

Meanwhile, nationally, the show received poor reviews. Local bloggers were largely unimpressed or insulted. Some took Rose on directly.

Now, Chris Rose seems to be backtracking. In his Sunday column, he pens an open letter to the producers of the show, calling for several changes to improve the product.

"So, please, dig deeper. If you must give us violence -- and we realize you must -- then give us the real thing, the real story, the real streets, not this watered-down James Bond bunk."
"Ditch the wild-scheme plotlines. Don't be afraid to delve into the discomfiting reality that is life in the off-camera "K-Ville." Do race. Do politics. Press buttons. Pose difficult questions that provoke even more difficult answers."
"Make us uncomfortable. Make America uncomfortable. Make us think."

Chris, is that the same watered-down James Bond bunk that touched your emotional core?

I'm glad you've somehow come to your senses. The changes you request from the producers would make a better show. Indeed, they should TOTALLY REHASH THE ENTIRE CONCEPT so that it isn't a glorified fiction of our broken police department, a glossing over of the myriad of social issues we face, or a poorly written string of cliche-strewn dialog. They SHOULD ditch what they've given us and come back with something totally different and better.

Maybe they could write us some hospitals. Or an ethical city government. Or a public school system.


charlotte said...

Or maybe they could shine a light on and shame Nagin into releasing the FEMA 9 mil allocated to NOFD for repairing the firehouses! 2 years later most of them are still in FEMA trailers. Grrrr....

Rose reminds me of a politician on this issue .... flip/flop.

E said...

Yeah, I used to like the guy. I know it's shallow to get all worked up about a tv show but his initial review really infuriated me. I guess that's because the show itself really infuriated me.

Maybe the next episode could feature the journey of a Road Home Payment. It's a 256 part special.

charlotte said...

On the contrary, it seems shallow to me to *not* care how this TV show portrays our city.

Imagine a similar show about NY post-9/11. Do you think they would like it?

Cait said...

I'll forgive Chris, as he wrote a scathing assault on Nagin as a follow-up.

E said...

yes, his nagin assault was certainly a worthwhile read. he still has poor taste in television. didn't he used to be an entertainment columnist?