Monday, October 08, 2007

Our Mayor Has Free Time

I just went to check out C. Ray Nagin's page at the city's website.
Don't worry, I had low expectations. I was surprised that he even has a website. There are even some things on it. Something called an "events calendar." Hmm, interesting. I wonder what I might be able to discern... Here's what I found under October 2007:

No scheduled events

Oh that must be a mistake, let's check November.

No scheduled events

Hmm, maybe this feature hasn't been updated. Let's see if the site had any events scheduled in September since I know for a fact that he attended an event or two.

Oh check it out, they do use the feature. Mayor C. Ray Nagin went to five events last month.
Here they are in chronological order:

1. September 11th: Municipal Yacht Harbor Corp. Board of Directors Meeting
Location: New Orleans Yacht Club

2. September 25th: Ethics Review Board
Location: Loyola University

3. September 27th: Winn-Dixie Grand Opening
Location: Winn-Dixie on Chef Menteur Highway

4. September 27th: Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference
Location: Washington D.C.

5. September 28th: Panelist, Recovery for Whom and by Whom
Location: Washington D.C.

Now I don't want anybody to accuse me of misrepresenting the mayor's schedule. Clearly not everything the Mayor does on a day-to-day basis gets posted on the events calender. Website updates are still at only 35% of pre-Katrina frequency. Everyone knows that the Yacht Club meets in October and November as well.

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charlotte said...

Our illustrious mayor's been auctioning us off....check this out:

I sent it out to the Nola Blogger listserv a few days should join.