Thursday, December 03, 2009

I'm John Georges and I hate running for Mayor (and this prop dog)

What the hell kind of campaign ad is this? Not only does the guy look like he hates the dog he's sitting with but it also looks like he hates running for Mayor. The ad is, I guess, designed to highlight Georges' aggressive desire for the office of Mayor but this ad kind of makes it seem like he hates running for office, doesn't think he should have to actually campaign, and thinks he deserves an immediate coronation.

The Times-Pic got in touch with the media consultant behind the ad:

"We wanted to show that John was willing to poke fun at himself," she said. "We're trying to re-introduce him and show all sides of him. Then we'll get to the issues."

It doesn't look like Georges is poking fun at himself. He looks authentically uncomfortable.

I'm sure Karen Carvin Sachat has all kinds of focus group info on this but it doesn't seem to me that people are skeptical of John Georges because he's too aggressive or too committed to being mayor. I think it's more like people think John Georges is a spoiled brat on a power trip. To me, this commercial explicitly reinforces that perception and as a result, might be one of the worst commercials I've ever seen.


Papa Bear said...

He has a look that says "This is a BAAAAAAADDDDDD idea".

Civitch said...

Not only does he look uncomfortable, but he sounds like somebody just woke him up. "Some people say I'm too aggressive...." doesn't work when you're mumbling.

Leigh C. said...

Don't know about your browser, but you've got this commercial up really, REALLY big when seen through Firefox. Just sayin'.

And whoever pitched this asinine idea for an ad to him ought to be drummed out of the political advertising racket completely - or commended for selling this snake oil to one mighty big sucker.

Jeffrey said...

haha yep. that guy is such a douche.

(meta-level side-note: and the captcha word for me to post this entry is 'hyness.' how fitting!)

Anonymous said...

I'm not doubting him because he's a brat on a power trip, I doubt him because he was in business with Nagin and Roy Rodney.

E said...

Well that is an important element on people's minds but that's not something he would ever seek to address in a campaign ad.

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