Thursday, December 03, 2009

I'll miss Pam Dashiell

I was absolutely floored by the news that she is gone. I saw her just two weeks ago at Wally Thurman's 80th birthday party in Lower Mid-City. Though we didn't know each other particularly well, it was easy to tell that she was something of a kindrid spirit. Not many people really find that sweet spot where sarcastic outrage and unending optimism find balance. I asked her about her recent trip to the White House and went on and on (tongue in cheek) about how I had heard through the grapevine that she had been summoned by the President himself and picked up in a military helicopter at her front door at dawn.

Of course it hadn't really gone down that way.

It was, like it is too often for Ninth Ward advocates, a schlep.

She would have deserved that kind of urgency though.

She once spoke to Open Sound about a vision for St. Claude Avenue.

In my dreams, she was District E's City Councilwoman.

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Red said...

Pam was one of the key people after the storm to really open doors for me as a reporter/blogger covering the recovery and local political scene. She connected the dots for me, introduced me to people in her cypher, and made sure I was in the loop on important events. She definitely fast-tracked my insight and analysis of the politics behind our recovery.

i saw her Tuesday night, a week before she passed, at a ladies gathering to meet Troy Henry. We all teased her about being a big shot on call for the president and whisked away on his power macher plane. She seemed, as usual, so full of life with that sweet, 32 teeth-showing smile and wisecracks. Had i known it was the last time I'd see Pam, I would have hugged her longer and thanked her more. I'm really fkd up over this. This one hurts bad.

We gotta roll hard for Pam Saturday, send her home like the First Lady of New Orleans that she was.