Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Best Mayor in America

My man-crush grows.

What this guy did to become Mayor of Newark, running in 2002 and 2006, demonstrates the incredible dedication required to triumph in cities with entrenched political machines and entrenched cynicism.

If you haven't seen it, definitely check out Street Fight, a documentary made about Booker's first run in 2006. You can watch it online w/ Netflix.

It wasn't the money that ultimately made him viable. This guy organized.

He took up residence in a housing project.

He knocked on doors. Lots of them. Every day.


AVT said...

Ray Nagin ain't got nothing on Sharpe James, Mr. Booker's predecessor (and opponent in '02 and '06). That cat had 3(!) state jobs simultaneously (paying a total of $400-500k a year), a rolls royce and a teflon election scheme. Unfortunately for Mr. James, the feds, and Mr. Booker, never gave up. And Cory has done AMAZING things for the city of Newark. He's the purest public servant I've ever personally met. A real patriot and class act.

E said...

Sharpe James was indeed an insanely crooked operator.

Superdeformed said...

I wonder if we offered Newark our professional sports teams we could trade them for their mayor?

E said...

I would make that trade.

Papa Bear said...

E, Cory Booker also raised a LOT of money. Pull the campaign finance reports from back then.

That being said, Booker is a LEADER and Newark benefits in so many ways by having somebody like him.

G-FUNK said...

How come the all of the poorest, most crime ridden cities in America have been dominated by Democratic politicians for the last generation??? I thought Democratic policies could solve all of these problems?

E said...

Cities with a paucity of resources tend to elect leaders that want to help them obtain those missing resources. Often times that means extra taxation and extra spending on social programs. Republicans oppose these things as a matter of principle and this keeps them from electoral relevance in most cities.

The GOP's historic and ongoing embrace of racism, jingoism, homophobia, and sexism tend to turn off populations that live in diverse communities also tends to stand out as another major reason why they're uncompetitive in most city elections.

But there are a lot of other reasons.

G-FUNK said...

Love how libs just automatically link Republican with racisim & all the other "isms" you throw out. Keeps ya'll from having to argue facts.

Fact is that inner cities are at the same place (or worse off) that they were decades ago, and there ain't nothing any gov't can do to change that.

E said...

I would actually argue that it was Republican policy - using government to enact ideology - that helped worsen the situation in urban areas during the 70s and 80s. Had Republicans continued policies put in place by Democrats during the New Deal and Great Society rather than gutting them, cities may be better off today than they are.

I'm sorry that you don't want to talk about the very rhetorical devises Republicans use that play on all of the isms I mentioned. Those campaign tactics turn off urban voters. It's a fact that the GOP uses them and it's a fact that city voters don't respond well.

You wanted to know why cities elect democrats. Historic and current GOP positions on homosexuality, equal rights for women, civil rights, and immigration are offensive to many city dwellers. It's not irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Booker is awesom, I agree.

Look at Gary Indiana, something similar happened there.

When liberal policies drive a city so, so far down that there is NOWHERE to go the populace finally acts.

What else can they do? Hopefully New Orleans does not have to continue on this path until we are Newark or Gary.