Friday, August 28, 2009


Today, the Department of Justice confirmed an ongoing federal probe targeting Greg Meffert. It has long been assumed that he was a primary target of what everyone can boost my ego by calling the e-maelstrom.

First, it's comforting to finally see this confirmed.

Second, let's speculate:

Though announced on a Friday, to see this come out on Katrina Anniversary weekend (also known as the Great National Media Flashback of 2009) would indicate to me that US Attorney Jim Letten is making a strong commitment in regard to pursuing this case and others closely related to it.

Keep in mind that with the closure of the Bill and Mose Jefferson trials (especially Mose, since he was tried locally), the local DOJ office's labor resources diverted to those cases are now available to be deployed to work on other investigations.

Thus, starting this weekend and over the next 4-6 weeks, I would advise keeping a close eye on the papers and the blogs.

Not that you don't already.


Anonymous said...

So how does this story rank above the stunning New York Times Magazine cover story on the mass killings a Memorial Hospital in New Orleans in our own back yard, covered up my our own local media, and largely ignored by our own local bloggers?

E said...

It's really long and I haven't had time to get all the way through it unfortunately but I really love how propublica has invested in our city. I won't comment further until I can sit down and read the whole piece in its entirety.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they decided to invest in New Orleans. I think they just found a city that has huge stories of racial injustice that are not being told by the local media and white folks in general. It's our greatest natural resource: lies and self-deception.

Anonymous said...

Land acquisition, usage, public funding, public-private partnerships and developer tax incentives throughout all of the biomed corridor should be publicly scrutinized.

Editilla the Pun said...

Oh man, you Know how I enjoy turning a phrase.
Big Hat Tip for e-maelstrom!
You got it Big Dog.
I had the same hairs upon reading about the OSC investigation coming forward now regarding those goddamned pumps that will not work, even now, right now, using words like "corruption" and "illegal". You know when those folks toss those words it carries much more weight than as yer silly Editilla. The best Justice seems not only Blind but Mute... until it's time fo'da Fat Lady to Sing.

Sorry I had to catch the train and miss y'alls 2nd Line. We have of course been hangin wit'it though.
Please do let us know and everything soonaz youz can, eh?

Anonymous said...

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