Friday, August 28, 2009


I've gone mainstream.

My most recent installment of The Punchline can be found here at The Root, which is the black people version of

I bought a Jaguar, a house in Cape Cod, exclusively date heiresses, and am making a concerted effort not to remember the names of my friends.


Anonymous said...

Ah, The Roo, with title such as "Brother Kennedy: Good White Folk."


Does Slade have an article there on "Haji's" prospects in the next election???

Papa Bear said...

I said you were gonna go national.

Superdeformed said...

You really should have made reference to Action Jackson in your Carl Weathers Piece.

Clancy DuBos said...

The photo you used for "Roy Glapion Jr." was of the late N.O. city councilman, who died 10 years ago. His name was, in fact, Roy E. Glapion Jr., which leads to confusion because his son, a potential mayoral candidate whose proper name is "Roy A. Glapion," is often referred to as "Roy Glapion Jr." -- no doubt in an attempt to describe him as the son of the late councilman. I have made this mistake myself, as have many others. We should all henceforth call the potential mayoral candidate by his proper name: Roy A. Glapion. And, of course, you might want to get a current photo of the son.

E said...

I noticed it too, Clancy. The editors over there selected photographs. When I saw Glapion the elder pictured, I thought about correcting them but decided not to because it fits perfectly with Glapion the younger's relatively unknown status and the family connections allowing him to wait and wait before he decides to get in or stay out.