Friday, August 14, 2009

2 Panel Man

In addition to the big Big BIG New Orleans on the Brink panel tomorrow, I am serving on a different panel today about the role of local blogs in reporting on city government.

Local blogs provide a medium to delve into zoning issues, expose local corruption, challenge traditional informational gatekeepers, broaden the knowledge of local political processes and reshape local discussions on governance. While many eyes often focus on national politics, what goes on locally often has a huge impact on all of our quality of life. Take zoning for example: it determines where roads, buildings and mass transit are built and affects the length of time it takes to get to a business, school or home. Hear from bloggers who cover city and county government and discuss the challenges in covering local politics.

It starts at 1:30 ET.

Do you have any points about how the local blogosphere has functioned to improve access to information in New Orleans you think I should make?

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jeffrey said...

I think you know the big points. All the stuff you and Karen and others did tracking and breaking the NOAH story last year, the stuff Dambala does publicly vetting inside rumors regarding municipal corruption.

I like that the local blogosphere gives me access to technical experts I wouldn't otherwise hear from. Particularly valuable in New Orleans are engineers like Tim or Clay or McBride who can talk about flood control from an informed perspective.

Other bloggers I read are more active in their neighborhood associations than I would ever be.

Many of them attend candidate forums or council meetings or... well... numerous events that I don't have time to participate in but also don't get much media coverage. As a reader, I benefit from their experience.

Editilla the Pun said...

I agree with Jeffrey as to how the local blogosphere provides venue to technical experts.
I would like to add that particularly the way Nola activists are bloggers and visa versa, for example the way exposed on their blog the Corps' attempt to manipulate information in the local media which has led to the attention of the DOD Inspector General. That spanks.

I find Tim Ruppert's engineering perspectives informed by the Corps of Engineers for whom he still works. It isn't a personal thing, but technical. But 2 outta 3 ain't bad, Jeffrey

It would be worth noting local bloggers who operate both within and without a self-professed norm, they who walk the back hand path of the diaspora?
For example, I don't like some bloggers some of the time, and I really like most of them most of the time, but I follow them and hang their posts.
Sinn Féin

Anonymous said...

You might add that New Orleans blogs have also become the ideal vehicle for perpetuating a new hip racism by people who don't think they have a racist bone in their body because they "second line" and like the Nevilles. This is largely the same people with the same obsession (beat up Nagin) talking to each other.

By creating an overwhelmingly white virtual community anchored in neighborhood groups that are largely segregated, the blogs are the new forum for indiffenence to racial disparities in the recovery. Hence the chilly silence on the continuing white support for demolishing black neighborhoods (ala BNOBC plan), stealing the school system, replacing veteran black teachers with white teachers, and the rampant racial discrimination in the building trades.

I have seen what happens when E takes a stand against the racism of his friends and colleagues and it's not pretty. And he is the only one in this bunch who takes a stand. Moral cowardice rules the day with self-professed white "progressives."

New Orleans "progressive" blogs are the most racially segregated institution in the city, and the virtual absence of dissenting opinion from the Black community in those blogs--which, in contrast,is abundant even in the Times-Picayune, is the best evidence of this problem.

Anonymous said...

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