Monday, July 13, 2009

Public Safety, Crime, the NOPD, and the 2010 Mayoral Circus

That's the theme for the next weekish here at WCBF.

This is an open thread as I work to prepare some stories and analysis to publish at my convenience.

Is crime a problem by itself or a symptom of other problems?

What should the next Mayor do in an ideal world and to what extent do real world political constraints limit those options?

Links Update:

1. NOPD's misleading rape stats
2. Investigations into racist vigilante killings during Katrina moving forward?
3. NOPD bar fight cover up

Links Update 2:

4. Audit finds $200,000 missing from NOPD evidence room


Anonymous said...


I'll just throw out there...

- There was a recently a massive cocaine smuggling bust on the river (reported in the TP); let's talk about the infuence of our role as a port in bringing in drugs and what happens here in terms of murders.

- $200,000 missing from the NOPD evidence room. That's from one audit. Riley previously talked in terms of $9,000 - now that is *not* a calculation error. And he didn't report it to begin with. Now, that's for this year. I'll postulate it's happened before, and more, they just finally got caught. And so if that's the case, what exactly is the incentive (besides morals, duty and the like) for reducing drug traffic and the murders that result from it? - Reminds me of cigarettes: it's so, so dangerous and bad for everyone's health but the states never ban it because they get a piece of the action with the tobacco companies. Possibly the same deal here.

Clay said...

I don't know what it is, but NOPD keeps fudging the numbers on rape. Don't know why reporting rapes are so much harder than, say armed robberies, but they tend to do a far worse reporting job on rape than anything else (not that they're a shining pillar of empiricism elsewhere).
(the same day they reported rapes down, they found a mistake and they actually went up. Oops.)