Friday, June 26, 2009

The King of Pop

I'm a little surprised by how upset I am by Michael Jackson's death. Everywhere I went yesterday people were talking about it. This really is a major world event deserving of the headlines it is getting.

When you enter Michael Jackson into Pandora, the system basically melts down.

His music really holds up. He was the real deal. I hope his contribution to modern culture is revered by future generations in a way more similar to the Beatles than to Elvis.


Leigh C. said...

I'm kinda surprised at my feelings, too. It was sad that this talented human being turned into such a joke. He'd been out of the public eye for such a while, but still.

Anonymous said...

So ... what's the matter with Elvis? I love E and the Beatles, love the best of MJ, don't see the issue.

Anonymous said...

If you mean there will be a circus, tacky stuff sold with his visage on it in places like the French Market (that's already happening with Obama), the tabloidization, etc. ... it's too late. There's apparently a Dr. Nick involved now, prescription drugs, a self-prediction from MJ reported by Elvis' only frickin' child, for gosh sakes, that he was die in a way akin to her father.

Elvis' music was often of the same supernova brilliance, though. If you delve into the Sun Sessions or the '68 comeback work, or even the '50s or '60s box sets, any "he was just a white guy doing black music" idea quickly dissolves.

E said...

There's nothing the matter of Elvis but I would argue his music and contribution to popular culture has been fetishized more than appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what you mean by that. I just think of the best of it as great American popular music, mourn only the fact that we didn't get to hear more of him at his best, but that's true of MJ too. There were way too many wasted years in both cases. They're both disturbing cases in that way, in how they show what fame/celebrity worship and too much too soon in the riches and glory dept. does to the pure products of America.

MJ's end really seems to be shaping up to be the Elvis story all over again, in uncomfortable ways. It's like the media culture, the record companies and music biz, nobody never learned anything. But I guess we knew that already. Depressing to see it in action, though.

hubig said...

Second line for MJ on Bayou St John, this Sunday at 5pm. See you there E.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Me too.
I have before me a copy of Elvis' autopsy, which I gained from the estate of Paul Barnett, the Memphis TV anchorman who copied it on the copier in the morgue The Med where the King of Rock'n'Roll passed this plane. No lie.

Here in Memphis, the Birthplace of Rock'n'Roll, they speak of the death of Kings and the King of Pop's now convoluted autopsy with understandable apprehension, fearing that as the doctors delve deeper into Michael's body they will eventually find Elvis... and that Other glove.
What then of Graceland? Nevergraceland?

Jus'sayin... It is hard when the big ones go down and Buddha is still the most idolized human in the history of that sort of thing.

They just returned the body to the family so I guess we will know soon enough... what we already knew about the King's Physician.