Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Five to None

Department of Administration drinks truth serum on proposed LSU medical center financing:


Mark Folse said...

In fairness, what I'm hearing is the DoA saying they need to work out the MOU with Tulane et al, and that's what has been playing out in the news. This seems a distraction from the real issue of where they plan to get the money, and why they won't just release the full business plan identifying their sources of (non-FEMA) revenue.

E said...

Yes, and that's what is so remarkable. In trying to leverage an agreement on governance, the state has copped to not having the financial plan they've claimed to have had to the legislature and the public.

The fighting over board appointments is almost a non-issue - it's - and I've used this line somewhere else I think - it's like getting into a fight over what to do with next week's powerball jackpot.