Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I've been very critical of inflexible trailer eviction deadlines and have always been discouraged by the total lack of local leadership on the issue. This past Monday was another hard deadline that threatened to throw hundreds of poor and disabled individuals and families onto the streets.

So, I'm extremely heartened by the Obama Administration policy change that will keep roofs over the heads of our most vulnerable neighbors - seniors, the disabled, and the sick.

The Obama administration will announce plans today to virtually give away roughly 1,800 mobile homes to 3,400 families displaced by Hurricane Katrina who are living in government-provided housing along the Gulf Coast, officials said.

The administration also will make available $50 million in rental vouchers to income-eligible trailer occupants who move to targeted housing projects, and take over from Louisiana the job of helping residents find permanent homes, said a senior White House official, speaking on the condition of anonymity before the formal announcement.

"We knew we needed to bring this program to a close," the official said. "We also want to ensure a humane and secure transition for all of them."

This is a much better policy than closing our eyes and pretending that the threat of eviction is a magic bullet for moving people into permanent housing. Good stuff. This announcement is a step in the right direction.

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