Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We did it! HB 780 passed unanimously out of committee!

Thanks so much to readers and friends who called and emailed their legislators!

It mattered!

HB 780, which to us at first seemed like a real long-shot, passed out of the Health and Welfare UNANIMOUSLY!


Big thanks to Rep. Nowlin of Natchitoches for sponsoring and fighting for this bill.

Additional thanks to Reps. Hines and Abramson of New Orleans. They seemed skeptical at first and asked some legitimate questions as to what the consequences of this bill would be but took everyone's testimony into consideration and were won over.

Even Treasurer John Kennedy sounded like his old self again. Check it out:

There were some real fireworks between Kennedy and LSU's Dr. Fred Cerise. You don't want to miss the full report at!

I can't say it loud enough: those phone calls, those emails, the testimony of affected New Orleanians - it made all the difference.

When the bill goes before the full Legislature, we'll need to do it all over again.


Jeffrey said...

Way to go, E!!! Woot woot!!!

judyb said...


Ricardo said...

Eli, Save Charity and Lower Mid-City has LSU and Larry "Hollier Than Thou" on their heels! The apologist radio commercials that started running on WWL radio are pretty pathetic. If Charity Hospital had been in operation since its post-Katrina rehabilitaion our home grown doctors would not have to be farmed out to non-Charity (public and private) for their advanced training. The Bully is turning tail.

jeffrey said...

Neely is the world's biggest douchebag. If having him on your side isn't a side something's wrong, I really don't know what is.

I hope you guys are still congratulating one another 10 years from now when we all sort of remember what it was like to have a big public teaching hospital in New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

So how could LSU close a fully functioning hospital in September 2005, blocking the return of the 30% of blacks who had no insurance, and there was no protest from the white progressives? You've been pre-occupied with black leaders while white ones pulled the crime of the century. People literally died in the streets because the white community and media went along with the closure. How do you explain your silence--the Brad Ott had the story out on Charity being re-opened three years ago and his emails went unnoticed.

Puddinhead said...

Kennedy's a clown. Glad he's on "your side" on this issue.

Congrats. One step closer to Louisiana's "teaching hospital" locating in Baton Rouge, if one will exist at all. More likely the residents will continue to be farmed out to private hospitals across the state rather than concentrated at a state-run hospital. Health care for the poor will be addressed by a state-run "insurance for the poor" program that will fund (some) health care at (some, as in those who deign to participate) private hospitals around the state. Thusly, the Administration gets it's excuse to "privatize" health care for the poor, and not coincidentally funnel all of the funds into the pockets of the Ochsner's of the state.

The seventy-year-old Charity building will continue to molder whether or not the LSU/VA project is built as proposed or not--they will not be a recreation of the medical ghetto. (Actually, that's not quite correct--if the LSU/VA project goes forward on the Canal/Claiborne/Tulane site there will be LESS chance that the old Charity building remains sitting and moldering because the improved economic climate will create a greater market for an adaptive reuse of the buildings.)