Thursday, April 23, 2009


David Hammer: Attorney claims Nagin, Meffert took 'plenty of other trips' paid for by city vendor

Meanwhile, the attorney for two companies who are suing the city over a controversial crime camera project told The Times-Picayune that he plans to question the mayor about a series of other lavish trips when his deposition resumes. The attorney, Glad Jones, said credit card statements show those trips were also financed by NetMethods, owned by the city vendor, Mark St. Pierre.

NetMethods also paid for a vacation that former Chief Technology Officer Greg Meffert, the mayor and their families took to Hawaii in December 2004.

Nagin and Meffert took "plenty of other trips" at NetMethods' expense, said Jones, attorney for plaintiffs Southern Electronics and Active Solutions, though he would not divulge the number of trips or the destinations. The two companies are suing the city and other contractors for what they claim were unfair labor practices in the handling of the city's crime cameras.

"They were destinations that didn't look like places New Orleans would have any business in, " he said.

We might be able to figure some of those out.

1. How about November, 2005?


Then Mayor Nagin took a trip to Jamaica, a place he called "the first place we are looking to rebuild and strengthen relationships" after Katrina.

2. How about November, 2007?


Then, Mayor Nagin skipped a critical budget hearing because he was rumored to again be on the beaches of Jamaica. Nagin spokeswoman Ceeon Quiett would neither confirm nor deny those charges, which originated when (former?) Nagin confidant and former Republican legislator Gary Forster mentioned it on his radio show.


I'd be willing to bet a few bucks that both of those were NetMethods-financed trips.

What others come to mind?

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