Friday, April 03, 2009

In Case You Didn't Notice

Yesterday, the House of Representatives passed the 2010 budget resolution.

Charlie Melancon did the right thing and voted for it even though I'm sure he was getting lots of pressure from his more conservative constituents.

Everybody else from Louisiana voted against it, including the increasingly indefensible Joe Cao.

He's constantly talking about how in the middle he is and how much consideration he's giving to these things but increasingly it seems like he's just blowing smoke. He also voted against the Republican alternative budget (known as the Rep. Ryan April Fool's Joke).

I'd like to know exactly what kind of budget Mr. Cao would prefer.

His nay vote against this budget really ticks me off.

What exactly does Mr. Cao stand for on any national issue of substance? So far, he voted for SCHIP. That's the only matter on which he's actually taken a stand against the embarrassing paramilitary shell of the Republican Party to do something productive for the people in his district.


Anonymous said...

For all you "progressives" who put Cao in office, how would Jefferson have voted?

Which action is more immoral: supporting a candidate who is personally corrupt but supports legislation to releive the misery of millions or supporting a candidate who is honest yet condemns the oppressed to more misery?

E said...

Anon, I'm not sure which progressives you think put Cao in office. You might be painting with too wide a brush.

I did not vote for Congressman Cao. I also did not vote for William Jefferson.

Anonymous said...

The question is what do you think about self-professed "progressives" and "liberals" who voted for Cao? You know a lot of them and they bragged about voting for Cao on this blog.

Was that an immoral decision in it's outcomes?