Friday, April 03, 2009

Are you f$cking serious?!?

Jim Cramer on February 3rd:

Jim Cramer on March 3rd:

Jim Cramer yesterday (April 2nd):

"We ended the Depression. We are done."

Pretty unbelievable reversal.

Put this guy out of his misery.

It's so embarrassing to me that Cramer is a Philly guy. Mathews at least has an authentic personality. Cramer must not be from the city itself like Mathews is. I'd put money on it.


Superdeformed said...

Cramer is entertaining. But utterly contradicts himself constantly.

Economics is a very quack science anyways. We can only see what has happened and merely guess at what it does. It's all throwing darts at a wall blindfolded and hoping you'll hit the dartboard.

Democracy is not mutually exclusive a free market economy, right?

E said...

He's had a helluva couple of months this Cramer guy. He's been all over the map.

Darwin BondGraham said...

How does this guy have any cred since Stewart skewered him on the Daily Show?

By the way, the link above explains Cramer's behavior quite well: ratings. Crazy "mad money" man says Obama=Lenin. He gets a million blog entries and email links. Comedy Central roasts him for this and various other idiotic insights. Comedy Central ratings go up. More viewers. CNBC ratings go up.

It's a hell of a way to distract us all from the fact that all financial news networks (all 24 hour cycle news networks) are idiotic.

Plus we get to waste ink (bytes) on Cramer when we should really be criticizing Obama's modified Bush bail out plans in ways that are actually intelligent and politically meaningful.

Cramer is a very effective side show for the puppet masters.