Friday, March 06, 2009


I haven't really believed that the GOP civil war was as serious as it now appears. I saw new right wing alliances forming between guys like Newt Gingrich, Eric Cantor, Bobby Jindal, and Michael Steele. I assumed, wrongly, that the GOP rank and file would be quick to defer on matters of political strategy to unofficially organized conservative blocks like the ones I've suggested and others I haven't.

But it ain't like that, not yet.

It's a total free-for-all.

Steele is clearly way crazier than anybody really thought and has become something of a disaster. I knew he'd developed a media ego during his time at Fox but I thought that cons liked him so much because he actually had some policy/organizing chops. Instead, we've been introduced to a bizarre caricature of a Republican politician.

But I think nothing sums up where the GOP is than this spat between former Bush speechwriter David Frum and the incredibly crazy Mark Levin, who must have the world's smallest penis.

The background is that Frum wrote a column in which he soberly explains why Democrats are so glad to continue to make Rush Limbaugh the head of the GOP. He's dead-on in his analysis.

Levin got real upset and has been blasting Frum all week.

Then they spoke on Levin's show. It ain't pretty.

You must be this crazy to ride the Republican roller coaster I guess. All descend, no climb.

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Clay said...

That comparison to Jesse Jackson has really gotta hurt.