Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm looking in your eyes right now Robyn

Is the Rush Radio morning team Castor and Wolensky trying to incite a news feud?

Travers v. Eyebrows?

Will Lee Zurik punch Travers Mackel in the face to reassert his dominance? I think he should.

Especially since Travers didn't break shit. He just read some stupid blog.

And brickbats (sorry Gambit) for those dumbass radio hosts. You're going to get stuck if you stick your nose any further up in there.


WRNO had been running this really excruciating promo for their morning show where Robyn tees off on Michael Phelps smoking pot that really makes my blood curdle. Something about her voice combined with her argument It's one of those things. Forever more, I'll possess an irrational hatred for her because of that one promo. I can never, ever, under any circumstances tune into their show - no matter who's ass they're smooching. Unless it's mine. I'm cheap that way.



when ever i have to get up for work earlier than usual i set my radio to that show.

it works every time.

there's no snoozing when those two creeps are yammering.

Superdeformed said...

Thank god for WWNO and WWL (they try, damnit). haha

I want my Rock of New Orleans back!

jeffrey said...

WWL does not try. They start the day with Know-nothing Bob and Monica, transition into the affected Yat pomposity of Potatohead McConnell, and then treat us to knee-jerk conservative Tommy Tucker-OR-Rob Couhig filling in for an ailing Garland all afternoon until Bobby Hebert shows up to speak in a garbled, colloquial manner that comes off as grating and stupid where Buddy D's similar act was once genuine and humorous.

It's the highest profile talk-radio platform in New Orleans and one of the most powerful stations in the country and it is a train wreck.

Anonymous said...

i really don't think travers stole that story off of any blog. no one knew about the federal probe until he broke it. on the other hand the whole noah story zurik broke was all over blogs and handed to him by a blogger. he didn't break anything, he just repeated all of karen gadbois' work and has reaped the benefit.