Saturday, March 14, 2009

But where do I put the stamp?


In his accounts, Boyd does not recall anyone in his department duplicating Clarkson’s materials, Lane said. Council members have been reacting to the belief that the files of four members – including Clarkson – were improperly released by city Sanitation Director Veronica White.

“I haven't been able to get an answer as to why or an explanation as to why Miss Clarkson's emails have never been turned over,” Lane said.

“It may be because she doesn't e-mail as much as the others or it may be because Miss White didn't feel her e-mails should be turned over, so we'll just have to find out. But that is why the Office of Inspector General was created -- to find out when wrongdoing has occurred.”


Of course, Jackie Clarkson couldn't be reached for comment because her stagecoach broke down en route from a "talkie" picture and 'DSU's telegram didn't reach her in time.

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Jeffrey said...

Ha! It's kind of sad and a little pathetic watching all of these folks getting thrown under the bus, isn't it?