Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is weird but I'm about to blog about Meghan McCain

The other day, I happened to be watching Rachel Maddow's consistently excellent television program. Meghan McCain was a guest. At first, I thought that this was an odd choice.

I knew she had some blog during the campaign but I hadn't realized that she'd started writing for the Daily Beast nor had I heard that she'd just blasted Ann Coulter of all people in one of her columns.

Turns out that Meghan McCain kind of rocks.

The interview was incredible. In it, she discusses her decision to remain in the public eye in order to stand up for the moderate wing of the Republican Party. She is exceedingly brave, refreshingly honest, and totally authentic.

I didn't trust my own reaction the next day so I had to watch it again.

It holds up.

She's not always completely articulate but I've got to give her a full round of applause for being a badass chick with lots of heart.

Since this interview, conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham, an alleged grownup, went after Meghan for her weight - and Meghan has already appropriately destroyed her in another column.


It is so fucked up that there are so few Republicans out there willing to face down the far far right that 24 year old Meghan McCain is all of a sudden being looked to as a national spokesperson for a decent, reasonable, and inclusive GOP.

In what kind of reality are some of these people living where Meghan McCain is to be scorned but Joe the fucking Plumber is to be mined for new ideas?


Anonymous said...

Meghan's interview with Rachel was great. I was so impressed with Meghan that I found myself thinking "Now that is who should be out there courting the young crowd." She expresses her beliefs in a well thought out way and is not afraid to disagree.

I especially liked when she said she knows nothing about economics and would not speak on the subject. No attempt to fake her way through it.

And Rachel is GREAT!!! I became a political junkie during the campaign. Rachel and Keith feed my needs.

E said...

I thought that was the best moment in the interview as well, glad you picked up on it.