Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Police accused in killing accused of lots of other stuff


The record of Sgt. Daniel Scanlan, a ranking member of the nine-person unit involved in the shooting, has become a flash point in the wake of the killing. Some community leaders have questioned police tactics -- particularly the aggressive, plainclothes units like the one Scanlan helped lead -- and have called for a thorough vetting of each officer involved.

Police records show that only one of the dozens of complaints lodged against Scanlan has been sustained by New Orleans Police Department internal investigators, and that ruling was overturned on appeal by the Civil Service Commission.


But here's the real kicker, from PANO:

Capt. Michael Glasser, president of the Police Association of New Orleans, said the officers involved in the shooting have solid records. He drew a comparison between the Grimes case and another recent high-profile shooting, that of French Quarter resident Wendy Byrne, who was killed in a confrontation with three robbers. Quarter residents, Glasser said, want a strong police presence, with officers stopping, frisking and questioning people.

"You have thugs running around with guns robbing people, " he said. "Yet, just a few blocks away, cops are criticized for stopping a guy with . . . guns in his car and no real reason to have them."


Officer Glasser, please get real. I think people's criticism derives from the strong possibility that these cops may have MURDERED a guy. Slight difference, no?

That guy was named Adolph Grimes III. He had no criminal record, was engaged to be married, and had a permit to carry a weapon. He was in town to visit family for the New Year.

Police shot him nine times in the back, half a block from his grandmother's house.

Hours earlier those same officers terrorized the Crutchfield family with guns and tasers.

Officer Glasser has every right to do his job and defend his fellow officers, but he can do so without denigrating the victim or insulting his grieving family. Show some class.

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Anonymous said...

eli, why don't you look up glasser and the "first district five."

put his comments in light of his own past deeds.