Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Links Purge

1. James Gill takes no prisoners in commentary on the Pope and Archbishop Hughes.

2. Interesting passage from David Hammer's article on the Road Home:

The LRA has begun lobbying Congress for the right to move leftover Road Home money into other projects, rather than having to pay it back to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. LRA board members have expressed interest in using the surplus to help finance Louisiana State University's proposed hospital near downtown New Orleans.

Hmm. Which LRA board member(s) might have floated that ridiculous trial balloon? And why?

3. I've continued to conduct research into the various strategies employed by different state and municipal agencies to get money for Louisiana and New Orleans from the big federal stimulus bill. A few weeks ago I highlighted this article about what lobbyists were doing to get spending approved for their clients to contrast Bobby Jindal's early intention to submit a very bare-bones ask for Louisiana. Following up on that, read this from TPM about an earmark for the "clean" coal lobby.

The stuff I've been hearing and reading about Louisiana strategy has been absolutely fascinating, IMO. I can't wait to distill it down for you. Give it time.

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