Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SCHIP in da House!

Today, the House of Representatives passed a $33 billion expansion for the State Children's Health Insurance Program, or SCHIP. In 2007, Bush vetoed this spending and Democrats came just short of overriding it.

Now, things have changed.

SCHIP should sail through the Senate and Obama will sign it the moment it's on his desk.

And millions of kids will have health insurance as a result. This is good.

More specifically, the SCHIP program helps get coverage for kids that aren't quite poor enough to qualify for Medicaid (presumably because their parents work) but too poor to buy private insurance. This could help 7 million kids around the country.

So how did the Louisiana Congressional Delegation vote?

1. Scalise: The sleaze votes against helping the children by voting no.

2. Cao: His vote on the Ledbetter Act was a major disappointment. But lo and behold, he bucked the caucus on this one and voted aye.

3. Melancon: The only Louisiana Democrat in the House votes as he should, aye.

4. Fleming: Freshman Republican votes against health coverage for children, no. Nice to meet you John Fleming.

5. Alexander: Alexander switched into the Republican Party in 2004. They can keep him. He voted no.

6. Cassidy: Bill Cassidy's victory over Don Cazayoux this past November was a minor tragedy for this state. Cassidy voted no, against providing health care coverage to needy kids.

7. Boustany: GOPer follows the reactionary herd, votes no on health insurance for children.

To recap:

Good: Cao, Melancon

Bad: Scalise, Fleming, Alexander, Cassidy, Boustany

Result: In one of the nation's least healthy and poorest states, the elected representatives from Louisiana voted 5-2 AGAINST providing health care to poor children. Luckily, it looks like thousands of kids from Louisiana will get health care in spite of the efforts of their out-of-touch representatives.


adrastos said...

Isn't it lovely to have two Mds vote against health care for the kiddies?

E said...

Greedy bastards. They have "values" though, right?

Leigh C. said...

The kiddies can't pay the bills. Of COURSE these MDs will vote against it. Schmucks.

charlotte said...

The fuckmooks that voted against this need to walk the halls of Children's Hospital and look into the eyes of sick & terminally ill kids and their parents.
So many kids fall through the cracks between parents with health insurance and the poorest families who qualify for Medicaid. I see it in my job every day. All I can say is, thank goodness for Children's, an institution that never turns away any child for monetary reasons.

amy said...

thank you for this very helpful recap. i wonder how this plays in their home districts? do the voters realize what's going on? or do they represent wealthy communities?

Clifton said...

I don't know if everyone in Steve Scalise's district is wealthy but the crowd he's from wants to think they are. Congressman Cao has to mix in some yes votes on things like this because he's going to need a record of voting yes on issues that affect the community that makes up most of his district. I'm predicting he will play both sides of the fence for his entire term.