Thursday, December 04, 2008

Vitter Maintains Friendships

There have been rumblings about the possibility of a tough primary challenge for Senator Vitter in 2010. It appears, however, that he's not having much trouble retaining support among other high profile Louisiana officials.

101 Constitution NW, 9th Floor Balcony, Washington, DC

General Admission- $1000 Pac /Individual

VIP- $5000 Pac / $4600 Individual, (Includes Private Reception and Photo with Governor Jindal and Senator Vitter from 6:00 ‐ 6:30 PM)



Senator J. Bennett Johnston
Congressman Jim McCrery
Congressman Rodney Alexander
Congressman Charles Boustany
Congressman Steve Scalise
Congressman Bob Livingston
Congressman Billy Tauzin
Congressman Jimmy Hayes
Congressman John Cooksey
Congressman Henson Moore
Congressman Clyde Holloway
Congressman‐Elect Bill Cassidy

Billed "Mardi Gras in December," this private fundraiser is NOT to be confused with the annual D.C. Mardi Gras ball that occurs each January sponsored by the Mystic Krewe of Louisiana. In 2007, David Vitter, after months of reeling from a sex scandal, emerged to organize the ball and choose that year's king, his close ally Boysie Bollinger.

Again, it's important to make this difference clear. The Mardi Gras in December ball is a private fundraiser where David Vitter will appeal for campaign donations from an elite collection of businessmen and socialites. The Washington Mardi Gras ball is a private event where Louisiana politicians mingle with an elite collection of lobbyists, businessmen, and socialites.

The T-P once wrote about the ground rules for that event:

Sponsors pay $7,500 each and receive private booths on the raised perimeter of the oval ballroom underneath large banners bearing their names. They also get 40 tickets to hand out as they wish.

The extremely different private Vitter fundraiser is considerably more expensive as a singular GA ticket costs $1000 by itself.

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Matthew said...

Any surprise there are no female co-hosts? Really hope a respected candidate steps forward soon.